May 25, 2007

Untuk Kamu

Jiwaku berteriak
Namun berderik tak menghimpun

Mata mencoba menumpahkan
Jadi sungai yang mengalir kerontang

Aku tak apa
Tetapi nuraniku memprotes
Sungguh, aku bahagia
Sesak pun menyeluruh

Ragaku mencarimu
Hatiku memanggilmu
Aku membutuhkanmu


May 15, 2007

The Spectacles Phenomenon

One afternoon I received a message from my ex. It was a message replying the one I sent him the night before, asking how he was doing and how a lot of things had reminded me of him through the day before. He said he was ok, had met his junior high friend (a girl) who’d come to his campus, just to say hi, and had asked him to give her a campus tour.

The truth is, this girl is the one whom Adi (my ex) had had a crush on when they were in junior high. I found it cute eventually, how he met his crush again, and remembered how funny it was to be having a crush.

Junior high. Found a number of boys who attracted me in a way, but only one certified as my 'junior high sweetheart'. It was all silly and ridiculous, the 'puppy love', but I had fun gossiping about him with my close girlfriends. ;)

Senior high. A public one. Everything was new and fresh, I made friends with a large number of new people, had an unforgettable year in the Student Body, and found a cute, and I mean really cute, senior.

I don’t remember the precise time when I started having a crush on him, but it was certainly during my first year of high school. He was two years above mine, a cute type [based on their face character, I divide guys into three types; ‘cute’, ‘handsome’, and ‘attractive’ (or lucu, ganteng, and cakep)], and nice, though he wasn’t the greatly-welcoming type towards new people.

At the same year, I met a guy who eventually became my first boyfriend. A funny (‘unconventional’ sense of humor or garing, some said, but I found it attractive x) ), clever, diligent, ‘masa depan cerah’ type, teachers’ golden (in a good way), family-oriented, warm-hearted, handsome-type, loving boy.

So after some considerations, these three guys are my lifetime crushes, until now. And one day, I became aware that every one of them shares one physical resemblance.

They all wear spectacles.

My friends said they all have similar faces, hahaha... I don’t agree, though, they don’t look alike, all of them just happen to wear glasses. It felt funny, like my soul have a desire for this kind of guy without my brain confirming it. My ‘type’ is so obvious that a random someone could actually guess which one is the one when a pack of boys are standing nearby. My friend Alien once said, “Nie… You’re sooo obvious!”, and I laughed at this obviousness.

So I am me, a boys-with-glasses adorer. Dunno why, maybe they look slightly smarter? (I happen to like smart boys as well; but, who doesn’t?) Or they look more mature?
Who will be the next guy…? Hahaha… Will he happen to be wearing glasses as well? We’ll see. x) So if you wanna be the next one, maybe you should consider wearing glasses. Hahaha. Kidding. :)